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Product Description

Ernie Baston made the first batch of BAT-TAK in the spring of 2013
BAT-TAK was born from necessity. Ernie and his training group needed an affordable yet high quality tacky so they made their own. After bringing it to local contests other competitors took notice of how well BAT-TAK worked and the demand grew.

BAT-TAK is now available to everyone. BAT-TAK is great for training in the gym, but with the sticking power to lift the heaviest of stones in competition. High quality rosin based atlas stone tacky at a price that can’t be beat It is now available in three formulas cool, regular, and hot.

BAT-TAK comes in 4oz containers

Cool for Temperatures of 45-65 Regular 65-85 and hot for 85+

Product Temperature Range
OG (Regular) 65° – 85°F
Cold 45° – 65°F
Hot 85°F+