Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia

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Packed with OVER 174 PAGES of meal plans, recipes, supplement reviews, and more, The Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive nutrition resource available!

No longer will you have to search through multiple websites and journals to find what you’re looking for, the PNE has got it all covered.

The PNE is loaded with meal and supplement plans for every strength athlete.

Covered in The Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia:

  • The Science of Protein and How Much You Need To Be Eating
  • In depth look at supplements, which ones work and which ones don’t
  • An In-Depth Look at Carbs: How Much, Which Kind and When You Should Be Eating Them
  • The Inside Scoop on Fats and Which Kind Will Help You
  • What’s the Deal with Soy Protein?
  • What’s the Role of Inflammation in Training?
  • Gluten and Dairy, Are They Really That Bad For You?
  • How To Cut Weight for a Competition
  • What To Eat Before and During a Competition
  • Prohormones: Pros and Cons of Taking These Legal Supplements
  • Blood Sugar and Insulin: How It Affects You and How To Manage It
  • Josh Thigpen and Dr. Zack McVey, the authors of Performance Nutrition Encyclopedia, aren’t just scientists in a lab telling you theories
  • about nutrition; they are real coaches and athletes living it every day.

Josh Thigpen is a 3x World’s Strongest Man Competitor and author of The Cube Method for Strongman.

Dr. Zack McVey, DC, DACBN, CSCS backs up all of the real world practicality of the PNE with mounds of scientific research. Dr. Zack has over 21 years of experience working with athletes of all levels, while also serving as a nutrition/wellness speaker at seminars across the country.

*Available in E-book ONLY*