Robert Oberst: Creating A Monster


Let’s talk about True Strength. Not one-dimensional strength. Not strength “tricks” that will fail you sooner or later when you’re in competition and it really matters. We’re talking true, whole-hearted, down-to-throw-weight-at-any-time strength.

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Product Description

Robert Oberst is a Pro Strongman who has done it all and seen it all when it comes to the strength game. ‘Creating a Monster’ is his no-nonsense manual for real strength and steady, reliable progress. Interested in getting brutally strong and have a body that is prepared for battle? Pick up ‘Creating a Monster’ and get working on what matters.

About the Author

Robert is a giant of a man, standing 6 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighing in at over 400 pounds. He has been successful in many athletic avenues but is currently focused in the area of strength athletics. Robert is a top tier professional strongman with great character and a heart to match his stature. This West Coast based monster seems to have found the perfect mixture of size, strength, and personality. Two time World Strongest Man Competitor 2013/2014 2013 World Strongest Man Finalist MAS wrestling National Champion 2013 Professional Football Player Two Time All-American Arnold Classic 2014 – 8th LA Fit Expo 2013 – 3rd America’s Strongest man 2013 – 2nd China’s Strongest Man 2013 – 3rd MAS World Cup 2013 – 5th America’s Strongest Man 2012 – 3rd Dallas Europa 2012 – 1st San Jose Fit Expo 2012 – 1st
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