The Refuge Method


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” For Years I struggled with how to set up my strength training program. There were so many programs out there but, so few were set up for a strongman competitor. After trying most of the major strength training programs I started to adapt and evolve the protocols to meet my needs as a Strongman competitor. I kept the principles and exercises that were working and ditched the ones that didn’t. This was a tedious trial and error process.

  • The Refuge Method was born out of all this tedious trial and error
  • The Refuge Method is not revolutionary in itself, rather it contains a lot of tried and true strength training principles
  • The Refuge Method is a simple and effective way to structure these strength training principles into an effective training split for the Strongman Athlete.

The Refuge Method teaches you how to apply a Westside/Conjugate style training split to Strongman

  • The Refuge Method shows you how to properly program and wave assistance work for the Strongman athlete
  • The Refuge Method goes over proper event day programming allowing adequate recovery week to week and peaking for a contest
  • The Refuge Method goes over Active Recovery for the Strongman athlete
  • The Refuge Method includes a sample program
  • The Refuge Method covers deloading and deloading for a contest
  • The Refuge Method includes Training Rules: 6 rules to live by in your training to help ensure results
  • The Refuge Method includes an FAQ explaining the reasoning behind the method
  • The Refuge Method includes a training template
  • The Refuge Method includes a Bonus Section on devolping foot speed on moving events.


‘This is the method I used to work my way to becoming an American Strongman Corporation Lightweight Professional Strongman. Does that make me a genius or an expert? No, but what it does mean is I have put in the time to figure out what works. It took me a long time to figure out what worked and I just want to share that knowledge. Strongman has given so much to me I just wanted to do my part to give a little back.

*Available in E-book ONLY*