12 Week Nationals Group Training

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Let us help you prepare for nationals with our 12 week program tailor made to the events and specific demands of nationals at 60% off our regular rate.

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  • Weekly training delivered straight to your phone through an app
  • access to our coaches for questions, substitutions and video review through a Private Facebook group
  • Recovery tips, proper tapering protocols and advice on making weight
  • $150 for the first 10 people that sign up for all 12 weeks
  • Spots are limited


  • Access to regular Strongman training implements at least once a week preferably more
  • Substations can be suggested to work with your specific equipment
  • You can only compete in Nationals if you have qualified
  • You can follow the training even if you do not intend to compete but the training will be focused on the following events. Axle Press, Frame Deadlift with 2″ handle, frame carry, Circus Dumbbell and
  • Program will be 4 days a week of lifting
  • Sessions should take around 60-90 minutes in length
  • You have to be qualified for Nationals in order to compete
  • You can follow this training block even if you are not competing at nationals but it will cater to those events.
  • If you want more hands on coaching with increased coach access tailor made to your specific needs please check out our 1 on 1 coaching

Nationals info here 

2018 Strongman Corporation Nationals Events Announced



June 30th


1) Giant DB C+P
2) Car Deadlift
3) Flip & Drag
4) Arm over Arm Truck Pull
5) Atlas Stone Series


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