Built By Mike: Proven Programming For The Strongman Athlete

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My name is Mike Westerling and let me assure you that all of my athletes have been where you are. Fueled with a desire to become a better athlete, but unsure of how. Whether you are just starting out, looking to improve on your current routine or are making a comeback after an injury, this program is for YOU! I’ve been a strength coach for over 30 years and have perfected and PROVEN my programming methods on literally thousands of athletes of all sports and levels. Tested in the gym and on the field of competition where it counts! Give me the chance to simplify your workouts with everything I’ve learned in 30 years of trial and error and teach YOU how to be the strongest you have ever been!

2 reviews for Built By Mike: Proven Programming For The Strongman Athlete

  1. graham lefroy

    One of the best books I have read on the subject of intelligent programming for Strongman. If you are at all confused about how to make a program work, without destroying your body in the process, then this is the book you want. BTW this is coming from someone who has been training over 30 years.

  2. Dan Mason

    I ran one of the 12 week programs as was amazed at what 3 day a week intelligently laid out training can do. I’ve been working with Mike 1 on 1 ever since with Powerlifting and strongman. On his programming I’ve hit 600 squat 480 bench and 671 deadlift and am about to but to the 500 bench club

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