Car Carry Strap: Spud Inc


A unique design and easy to use setup from Spud Inc that allows you to simulate a car carry with two barbells and plates.

Sold By: Spud-Inc



If you train strongman then you need this set up. The Spud, Inc. Car Carry Strap is an easy to use set up to train for a car carry event without the huge expense. All you need is two barbells, some plates with this set up and you are ready to train! The Car Carry Strap is a great way to train for a heavy weighted carry or to train the lower body while training around an upper body injury. The Car Carry Strap adjusts to fit most any athlete and can carry the heaviest weights imaginable.

Features:   Adjustable straps to accommodate almost any height.


                    Adjustable shoulder straps to adjust for most shoulder widths.


                   (2) Short 12″ Average Bands Included


Assembly Instructions Included


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