Cerberus 7mm Extreme Elbow Sleeves


  • Our NEW Sleeves specifically designed for Elbows with angled top and bottom for improved comfort and fit
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Our 7mm EXTREME Sleeves are designed to give you ultimate performance, compression and support from a neoprene sleeve. We have angled the cut at the top and bottom of the Sleeve for improved comfort and fit. The high strength neoprene has a very secure fit and gives excellent compression. The straight cut of the sleeve by its very nature helps to force your arm straight as it returns to original shape. Coupled with our NEW 7mm high strength neoprene these will really help any max pressing movement such as bench press, push press and log press. These Sleeves will add kilos to your pressing!

These sleeves will give you the best of both worlds – the warmth and comfort of neoprene with the pop of a dual ply sleeve.

Warning! Our EXTREME Sleeves are definitely not for beginners, and have been engineered for huge weights and Elite Athletes!

SUPPORT. Our elbow sleeves ensure increased joint stability and higher muscle coordination while reducing risk of injury.

COMPRESSING the elbow encourages blood flow through the blood vessels of the elbow and surrounding tissues which results in less pain and swelling during and after performance. The compression provided by the sleeve and the warmth which is generated by the neoprene can help/prevent injuries, tendonitis and joint pain.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. Due to the elasticated nature of our uniquely designed 7mm Neoprene Elbow Sleeves, kinetic energy can be stored. This can be subsequently released during the extension of the elbow to provide additional performance when doing any pressing movements such as bench press or push press.

WARMTH & COMFORT. Neoprene Sleeves help your joints warm up quicker and retain temperature during exercise. They are also comfortable enough to wear throughout your workout.


  • Performance Enhancement
  • Higher Muscle Coordination
  • Increased Joint Stability
  • Reduced Energy Waste
  • Fast Warm-Up and retained temperature
  • Relief of Knee Pain
  • Reduced Risk of Injury/Tendonitis


To get your size measure around the peak of your flexed bicep. If you want MAXIMUM compression then choose the size down from your actual measurement, but be aware this will be a VERY tight fit.

Please note: Although this sizing guide is suitable for most users, if you have particularly large biceps or forearms you might wish to go a size up. Extremely tight fitting sleeves should not be worn for prolonged periods of time.

Care Instructions

Hand wash ONLY. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

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