Cerberus Deadlift Socks


  • Shin Protection for Deadlifts, Cleans or Rope Climbs
  • Requirement in all Powerlifting Competitions for Deadlifting
  • Moisture Wicking and Breathable
Sold By: Cerberus Strength USA
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The Cerberus Deadlift Socks are designed to give you shin protection against the bar scratching and cutting your shins in Deadlifts and Cleans. They also work great for rope climbing and guard against the burns from the rope. These socks provide compression and firm hold. They will not slip down during your workout. Made from Cotton, Nylon & Spandex they are moisture wicking, breathable, durable and comfortable.

Care Instructions

  • VERY IMPORTANT! When opening the packaging, DO NOT RIP the tag out, this can damage the socks. Cut the tag out carefully with scissors.
  • Wash with similar colours and not above 40°C or 105 °F
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry

Made From

  • 75%cotton 12%nylon 13%spandex
  • One Size Fits Most

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Red/Black, Blue/White, Black/Red, Yellow/Black, Green/White, White/Red, Pink/White


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