Cerberus Olympic Lifting Straps


  • Get Your Snatches & Cleans on Lockdown
  • Tried and Tested Design
  • Bulletproof Straps with a 3yr Warranty

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Our Cerberus Olympic Lifting Straps are fast and simple to setup, but more importantly they are quick-release. Made from our ultra strong nylon webbing sewn into a single closed loop and finished off with industrial strength stitching. These are the perfect straps for movements like snatches and cleans. Although these style of straps are favoured by Olympic Lifters these straps can be used for most barbell, dumbbell and machine pulling or lifting movements and make a great easy-on easy-off lifting strap.

You will need to break them in as they will be smooth when you get them. Rub them on a bar, crush some chalk in, and get them a bit rougher. As with our other nylon straps these will improve with age – getting more comfortable and grippy as you use them.

Enhance Your Lifting Technique & Improve Your Confidence

  • Quick-releasing safest option for movements like the Snatch which requires a fast release when the bar is overhead and balance is lost.
  • Excellent for all Olympic Weightlifting movements e.g. Cleans, Snatches, Clean/Snatch Pulls, Deadlifts but also a great general easy on easy off lifting strap for any movement.
  • One Size Fits All
  • Sold as a Pair


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