Cerberus Rebound Knee Wraps


  • Massive REBOUND from the bottom of your squat!
  • Non-slip: grips on to your skin and itself!
  • Developed in conjunction with competitive powerlifters both Equipped and Raw

Sold By: Cerberus Strength USA
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CERBERUS REBOUND WRAPS give Maximum Rebound, Maximum Revolutions, Maximum Coverage and Maximum Contact! These advanced Powerlifting Wraps grip onto your skin and itself. No slips! Our design allows you to pull this wrap to its maximum tightness and it will stay in place where you want it to, while keeping its tightness throughout your squat. They have been developed to be pliable allowing you maximum revolutions around the knee resulting in more coverage and improved rebound out of the hole (energy out of the bottom of your squat). This wrap will give the Maximum Rebound of all the wraps in the Cerberus range.

The perfect wrap for the fast narrow stance squatter!

Cerberus Knee Wraps allow you to train heavier with more confidence, while protecting your knees and helping prevent injuries.

Please Note!  These are a Specialist Powerlifting Wrap! Designed solely for Competitive Powerlifting.

  • Available in 2.5m and 3m lengths.
  • Sold as a Pair

Cerberus REBOUND Knee Wraps are perfect for:

  • Powerlifting (3m Now Approved in WPC/BPU since Jan 2018)

Approved for:

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2.5m, 3m


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