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ASC Pro Strongman Derek Stone author of The Refuge Method talks about his experiences from having a life long quest of  pursuing strength to becoming a Pro Strongman and eventually coming to terms and having to switch his mindset and training outlook once his competitive career is over in Life After Strength.  Wether you are a veteran of the strength game and are getting burnt out due to injuries racking up or are just getting into Strongman and want to learn from those that have already made the journey before you this is a must read.

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The pursuit of strength has been a great part of my life’s journey. Unfortunately, all great things eventually have to end. Life After Strength details some of my methods and mindset shifts I had to make in order to cope with losing my passion. This is not The Refuge Method 2.0. In fact, it is not a training manual at all. it is a collection of thoughts and stories reflecting on my journey in strength athletics coming to an end. The goal of the book is to open a dialogue about an issue that I think many struggle with greatly, but rarely discuss. What do we do when it’s all over? How do we cope? Those are the questions Life After Strength dives into.


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