Truck Pull Simulator by EXER-GENIE®


The Truck Pull Simulator is perfect for Strongmen, Strongwomen, and anyone who wants to train for truck pulls without the hassle of hooking up a truck or heavy sled. Finally there is a device that lets you conveniently train truck pulls, sled drags and more by yourself anytime, anywhere.

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Sold By: Odd Haugen


Extreme Strength Training Equipment

Extreme Strength Training Equipment You’ve searched high and you’ve searched low, but only now have you come to find the best strength and conditioning equipment on the market. The truck pull simulator is perfect for strongmen, strongwomen, and functional strength athletes alike. When you’re ready to take it to the next level with truck pull training, the truck pull simulator by Exer-Genie can help you get there.


  • Two 60 foot Variable Resistance Trainers (training lines)
  • Padded Visegrip Viking power harness
  • Carrying case
  • Quick start guide
  • Care instructions
  • Online video instructions

Exer-Genie produces high-quality, extremely efficient exercise equipment that can help you both increase your strength and improve your speed. Visegrip Viking Shoppe is proud to present you with the Exer-Genie system that includes must-have strongman gear


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