Renaissance Periodization: Understanding Healthy Eating eBook


Understanding Healthy Eating

A Science-Based Guide to how your Diet Affects your Health

Written by Dr. Mike Israetel, Dr. Jen Case, & Dr. Trevor Pfaendtner

*Please note this is ONLY an eBook, not a hard copy/paper back*

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Product Description

“Understanding Healthy Eating” is Renaissance Periodization’s latest eBook and was written to help with the following:


– An in-depth discussion of the basic concepts behind eating for health

– A priority ranking of healthy eating concepts; which ones matter the most, the least, and everything in between

– Dispelling of the myths that you need to eat in some extreme ways for best of health

– A discussion of the supplements that might enhance your health

– Guidance on how to improve your current diet in a slow, steady, and sustainable way for better health effects

– Links to masses of further literature if you’d like to dive deeper into the science behind nutrition and health


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