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Are you looking to take your  Strongman training to the next level and improve performance? Perhaps you are competing in Strongman for the first time and want guidance in proper form and programming with the different type of lifts and unique demands they present. Sign up for 1 on 1 coaching our highest level package to help you wether you are looking to compete in your first contest break out of a or win a world championship we can help make that happen.


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Included in Starting Strongman 1 on 1 coaching

  •  Email access to your coach anytime with questions our goal is to help you understand your training.
  • Your workouts will be delivered through an app called Training Peaks
  • You will be added to a Private Facebook group that all the Athletes and coaches use to help one another.
  • You will also have not only your primary coach eyes on your training but our entire team of a dozen + coaches to bounce off ideas, check form, etc
  • Video review of your lifts on a weekly basis as provided


  • Coaching is a subscription service but can be canceled at anytime.
  • Our month to month plan is on a 4 week recurring basis
  • You can sign up for extended coaching for a discount by committing to 3, 6 or 12 month plans up front.
  • You don’t have to have Strongman equipment or want to compete. We can simply help you become the strongest version of yourself.
  • Payments are on a subscription plan.

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43 reviews for Online Coaching – 1 on 1

  1. Luigi

    I’ve started being coached 1 vs 1 by Kalle Beck around a year ago and we have been working a lot on my weakness, focusing on certain events/movements ( when it was necessary ). I have improved a LOT since last year and i’m much more stronger, faster and bigger than last year. Higly reccomended if you want to optimaze your training and take it to the next level !

  2. Matt Marino

    I’ve been working one-on-one with Mike for a little over a year and it’s by far the best investment I’ve made in the sport. Besides the programming I get and the constant feedback on my lifts I’m able to have a dialogue about what’s working and what isn’t so we can constantly adjust and make improvements. I’ve tried other online coaching in the past and this is the first time I’ve felt that my opinions were being heard. Highly recommend if your serious about getting better.

  3. Daniel Evans

    I’ve been working 1-on-1 with Kalle Beck for almost 2 years and it has made a tremendous impact on my training. We have found what works best for me and it feels great to have a plan in hand that is customized for me. I’m making improvements every week and haven’t felt better.

  4. Steve Messenger

    I worked with Kalle for 3 years. He helped me go from placing last in Novice to qualifying for and competing in Nationals. His programming helped me gain strength, speed, and conditioning while allowing for adequate recovery, something even more important as a masters athlete. I highly recommend the one on one coaching.

  5. Steve

    I originally started using the SS templates and signed up to 1 on 1 with Kalle a few months later, after making solid progress with those.
    The best thing about the 1 on 1 is that it’s tailored to address my specific goals and weaknesses and I can honestly say I’ve never felt stronger.
    And whenever I have queries / issues / illnesses, I can just drop Kalle an email and he always gets straight back to me 👍👍

  6. Sarah

    I’ve been working 1 on 1 with Kalle since Feb 2016 at which time I had limited experience with strength training. That didn’t deter him from taking me on though, and he has been patient with my seemingly endless line of questions and given me ample space in which to grow. He’s approached my training with my needs and goals in mind, helping me deconstruct bad habits then turning around to steadily rebuild stronger and smarter. The encouraging yet honest feedback has helped me build confidence in my lifts and I’m consistently seeing my numbers and strength increasing as the weeks go by. Kalle is quick to respond to questions and provides learning resources when available.
    The programming itself is delivered conveniently via web based program tha I can access through my phone or Mac, and the private fb group is a great bonus for extra input and motivation from other athletes and coaches. Two (strong and properly braced) thumbs up! :D

  7. Austin Grosin

    I worked with Kalle on a dime, knowing his success in the sport and being completely new I thought that he’d be a great fit. And I couldn’t have been more correct in my assumption. Kalle tailored my programming to fit my needs, answered a sometimes incessant line of questioning via email (always answering fast) and frequently checked in on me to make sure I was headed on the right path. After having many coaches previously in the powerlifting world, having Kalle as a coach was a breathe of fresh air, particularly since I had no experience with strongman. I would certainly recommend Kalle to anyone who asked (and this is not even including the wonderful community he has helped procure with Starting Strongman in itself)

  8. Jessica Fithen

    I contacted Kalle to help me program for two very important upcoming contests, one of which required a deadlift for reps (which at the time was about 70lbs over my max.) After working with him, I not only exceeded my goals but won both my contests, including USS Nationals! Programming is always changing based on your needs and 100% customized for each individual. Highly recommend (the private Facebook group forum for video review has also been extremely helpful! ).

  9. Chris

    I contacted Kalle because I had a contest three months down the line. He managed to improve my max with about 10% on important events (loglift, deadlift (230kgs/510lbs to 260kgs/570 lbs), stones). I think this is amazing in 3 months time without using anything but iron (this is no judgement to people who do use, but I’m just saying it was no factor in the improvement). He managed to peak my performance on the contest and I was very happy with my performance.

  10. Christopher van der Hoeven

    I worked with Mike Battaglino for about 10 months. He quickly identified weak points in my training and programmed to address them. During my time working with Mike I saw substantial gains in competitiveness and preparation; winning a Level II show, and PRing 4 out of 5 events at SC Nationals. I would highly recommend Mike as a coach.

  11. Ewen Roth (verified owner)

    A season of 1-on-1 coaching with Kalle yielded progress, podiums and PR’s.

  12. Kalle Beck

    Pro Strongman Robert Oberst 9th place Worlds Strongest Man 2013, 2nd Place America’s Strongest Man 2013.

    “When I started strongman Kalle was one of my very first training partners. He taught me a lot about training and technique. I still use things he taught me in my training today. He’s a huge part of my quick rise in this sport and someone I still contact all the time when I need some advice. “

  13. Kalle Beck

    Jon Alderson Arnold Strongman World Championship Under 175 2014

    “It is rare to find on athlete on an elite level that is still willing to help a complete stranger that is clueless about what they are doing. About a year and a half ago after watching Kalle’s transformation I sent him a message to ask for advice on cutting weight. Instead of shunning me away since I was fighting to get into the same weight class that he competed in, He offered insights that made the cut possible for me. Then he took it a step further and offered training advice. Taught me the secrets to the car deadlift. I’m not sure what other sport a fellow competitor helps a rival reach their full potential. I guess this is what separates our sport of strongman, and the ultimate ambassador, Kalle Beck, from the rest of the competition.

  14. Kalle Beck

    Rodney Miller owner of S.L.B Performance

    “When I decided to do my first strongman comp I knew I didn’t have a clue about how to train for it. I had been following JTS for awhile and had become aware of Kalle Beck. I contacted Kalle about helping me get ready for my first contest. We talked about events and my current strength levels, then in very short time I had my first week of programming. This wasn’t a cookie cutter program. It was fully customized for my individual strengths and weaknesses. These workouts were tough but I hit a 40lb post-abductor-tear squat PR in a very short time as well as several push press and deadlift PRs. I rolled into the contest stronger than ever. Even after the fact I’ve used the strategies I learned from Kalle in getting ready for my powerlifting meet and I hit a 27lb all time PR in the squat. If you are looking to show up stronger and faster at your next contest you need to contact Kalle.”

  15. Patrick Hildebrand

    Kalle is a super knowledgeable and patient coach. He’s always quick to answer questions and review videos for any technique faults. Not to mention all the pr’s I hit with kalle. Added 20 pounds to my axel and 50 to my log. Can’t go wrong with kalle!

  16. Emiel (verified owner)

    Kalle has a great mentality towards training and coaching. With him you work towards the long run using simple and effective programming. I believe that the two most important things to get strong are longevity and continuous progress and his programming embodies these two factors.

  17. Bob Schuman (verified owner)

    I worked with Mike for about 8 months. I had never trained specifically for strongman or competed in a competition. Working with Mike, I have seen a huge improvement in strength and my technical prowess. He was great to work with, always listened to my feedback and always reviewed my lift videos and responded to any questions in a very timely manner. I can’t recommend him highly enough if you are looking for online coaching.

  18. Ben Zeeck (verified owner)

    Working with Kalle was a really good experience. By replying quickly, analysing weak points and altering the workouts he helped making strongman workouts possible even under sub optimal conditions.
    I loved the fact he put an emphasis on the review videos and gave good cues in the feedback to those to further improve my lifting.

    Unfortunately life got in the way, but once I am in a position to get a coach again, I definitely don’t have to search for one!

  19. Zach Wynkoop (verified owner)

    I started doing one on one coaching with Kalle about five weeks ago. I can’t say enough good things. I competed this past weekend and I have no doubts that Kalle’s programming is what helped prepare me. The workouts were stand alone great, but it was the attentiveness and accessibility that makes this truly worthwhile. Strongman can be intimidating at times and it was great to be able reach out and ask questions id otherwise Keep to my self. I would highly recommend looking to coaching from Kalle.

  20. Jason W. (verified owner)

    If you have ever been hesitant about doing online coaching, with this group don’t be. I worked with Kalle Beck and have never been disappointed with how responsive he was. I would recommend him to anyone looking for coaching that doesn’t have access except online. All workout reviews are timely and helpful

  21. Garrett Duckworth (verified owner)

    I worked with Kalle for about 8 months. I had no previous history of strong man (I switched from powerlifting) and was hesitant to get into the sport. Kalle made it incredibly fun and easy for me to become immersed in the sport. I placed first at my meet and it’s all thanks to him. I would highly recommend it to anyone, no matter your level of experience.

  22. Jonathan Norris-Green (verified owner)

    Kallle did an amazing job programming and coaching me for the strongman corporation national championship. The programming was great and allowed me to train at a high level, get stronger and not get beat up or injured. He responded to messages quickly and made himself available all weekend during nationals since he was unable to travel with the new baby. Kalle even talked me of the ledge when I have a mini melt down over the stress of getting ready for nationals in addition to other life stressors at the same time. He helped guide me through my weight cut and refeeding so that I could perform at my peak. As long as I am competing he will be my coach.

  23. Vinny Maglione (verified owner)

    Like most I started off with the training templates offered by ss, those were very helpful and a great place to start for sure. Eventually I was ready to invest a little more into my training and go for the 1on1 coaching with Kalle. I only had the opportunity to prep for two comps over a 6 month period but I saw my strength improve greatly over that short time. Being able to have a custom program and weekly feedback on your lifts takes alot of the stress/thinking out of training. Kalle is always quick to answer any and all questions and gives weekly feedback on videos you upload. I highly recommend 1on1 coaching if you feel like you need help out are ready to take things to the next level.

  24. anitra.sopronyi (verified owner)

    Kalle’s effective programs have significantly increased my overall strength and helped me get ready for multiple strongman competitions, like my first USS nationals this year. I appreciated Kalle’s flexibility and knowledge when it came to training between commercial and strongman gyms and gladly welcomed trying other strength sports to become a better athlete. Kalle is always quick to respond to any questions I may have and feedback on videos are always helpful. I highly recommend Kalle Beck’s 1 on 1 online coaching/programming!

  25. ivan alonso ramirez vega (verified owner)

    i have been working with kalle for around 9 month preparing for a competition, i must say that in that short time a have become stronger on every single lift, im my strongest self right now, working with kalle is easy and the comunication has been very great, i dont want to go back to cookie cutter programs after working with him

  26. Greg Ellinas (verified owner)

    Working with kalle I have made progress on all of my lifts. He responds very quickly to emails. I can be needy with lots of questions lol..He offers Full customized programs for incredibly low prices. Will be staying with kalle from here on in.

  27. Adrian Abad (verified owner)

    Working with Kalle Beck is really worth it. I am not a very strong person myself, and just under two months he helped me train for a competition I was no where near ready for. It was my first competition and my first time training strongman, but his programming made me much stronger than I thought I would be and the results surprised me after competing. Apart from his training abilities, he has great feedback and takes his time to see what his clients need. He always answers all your questions and tries to help you in anyway possible.

  28. Jay Woodhouse (verified owner)

    Kalle has been a great coach to me for the past few years! He has coached me to win a few contests and see consistent progress in my lifts. Even as my life became busy with work, and other life stresses, Kalle was able to keep me working toward my goals through his personal attention to detail.

  29. Rob Mixon (verified owner)

    I worked with Kalle for just over 2 years. At the time I already had experience and success in the sport but I was also beat up and wanted to take my performance to the next level. In that time I hit multiple PRs in nearly every event. I stayed healthy and free of any injuries that would have sidelined me from training – a huge factor especially for those of us fast approaching masters athlete status. I also had a noticeable increase in lean body mass. To achieve the best results, I would recommend a longer term commitment.

  30. Charter Nicholson

    I’ve been using Kalle for a year now. He has gotten me significantly stronger, while simultaneously helping me lost almost 50 lbs. I would highly recommend him he will be the only coach I use from here on out. Especially if you are new to strongman. He has helped my form tremendously.

  31. Winona (verified owner)

    I started 1-1 coaching around the end of 2018 with Kalle after doing the training templates for a few months. The coaching is a great investment! Kalle is quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable in everything strongman. I have made great progress on all my lifts and have a lot of fun with my programming. I’ve also become a more confident lifter. I’d recommend Kalle to anyone, no matter your experience. As he says, strongman is for everyone!

  32. Alexander Moy (verified owner)

    I’ve worked with Kalle for four different competitions and was able to seriously exceed my expectations in each one. Kalle is extremely fast to respond to any questions or observations. I found it really valuable having event training all laid out. In particular, my circus dumbbell made massive improvements while working with Kalle.

  33. Billy (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. Started with him 6 months before a competition and he got all my lifts by 100lbs atleast. Very punctual. Very straightforward simple training. Just be honest with him about anything you do and how you feel and he can make an amazing athlete out of you. Trust the programming. And for this price? You seriously can’t go wrong.

  34. Thomas (verified owner)

    I’ve worked with Kalle for a long time and have nothing but good things to say about his programming and coaching. He helped me put 50-100 lbs on all my big lifts and guided me through many rough sessions when I was coming back from a string of major surgeries to my knee. Trust the process and he will take you a long way in the sport of strongman!

  35. Chad R

    I worked with Kalle all of 2020 and I highly recommend him to anyone. If your starting strongman and eyeing your first comp or out to win a national championship, Kalle can get you there. Hes an expert in strongman and his programming is outstanding.

  36. Jason Strahler (verified owner)

    I’ve worked with Kalle for a little over a year and In that time I have hit multiple life long lifting goals. His programming has kept me healthy as well as making me stronger than I’ve ever been. He has been able to peak me properly for every one of the competions and he’s been able to give me tips on many of the events that have helped me tremendously. I would actually give him 6 stars because I’ve been able to hit numbers that I had pretty much given up on. Magic!!

  37. randall.skinner (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough about Kalle’s coaching. I contacted Kalle three months prior to my second strongman show. Not Only did I hit multiple PR’s throughout the training cycle but I took second in my division at the contest. I will be working with Kalle again in the future for sure!

  38. stephengsanford (verified owner)

    Two years with Kalle and I’m lighter, stronger, and faster. I had fallen into the “Fatter equals stronger” mentality and was a mess physically. Kalle straightened out my programming and set me on a track that will allow me to be the strongest, healthiest version of myself. Well into my 50’s and I’m excited to see where this leads. Thanks Kalle!

  39. todd.jarvis (verified owner)

    Been working with Kalle for about 6 or so months now and it has made a significant impact on my strength, form, and athleticism. His feedback is prompt and great. His programming is very personalized to my goals and is everything I am looking for in my training.

  40. Mohammed Rahman (verified owner)

    Now that I have been working with Kalle for a year, felt like I could make a more in-depth response. I stalled for a while and was nowhere near content with the level I was at. I wanted to get better. While I was working out consistently, my programming skills and general know-how were a bit lacking. Kalle doesn’t give out cookie-cutter programs, but rather personalized sessions suited towards my goals. I was still working hard, but also recovered faster. We rebuilt and set some PRs for deadlift and front squats, and blew my overhead and other movements up. For instance, went from a sketchy PR for a single on log to hitting the same weight 7 times in my first comp! Or manhandling a sandbag to my shoulder which used to be hard to lap at all. Along with getting statically better, I improved in several other general health and athletic facets. He won’t just throw a program at you, if you have questions, he’s quick with the explanations and justifications. Highly suggest to come join the team!

  41. Miguel (verified owner)

    Working with Kalle has been a great partnership. In preparing for my very first strongman competition, Kalle helped me become very familiar with movements and implements that I had never encountered before. At the beginning of our prep, I let him know what my weaknesses and concerns were, and by competition day, I honestly feel like those events were the ones I was most confident in. Kalle was easy to get ahold of, and open to answering some of my “noobie questions”, and I look forward to working with Kalle in preparation for future strongman events!

  42. Devon Reece (verified owner)

    I worked with Kalle for 1/2 a year to help me refocus on training, and prep for USS nationals. It was great working with him, and he helped me get my confidence back in the sport, and my ability to apply my brain to it. He is absolutely on the top of the list of people I would go to for help again. Thank you, Kalle.

  43. Sean D (verified owner)

    I had been thinking about getting a strongman coach for a while and about 2 years ago started working with Kalle. I felt like my input was heard and the programming was very personalized for what was working for me over time and what events I had coming up. Kalle was always very responsive and professional and always had a reply for any questions I had within a day or two. I would recommend Kalle to anyone I know looking for coaching.

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