BECOMING – Haley Randall

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This eBook was written by World Axle Deadlift Holder Haley Randall.

Haley is the best female deadlifter in Canada and arguably one of the best RAW deadlifters in history and she hasn’t even hit the prime of her lifting career yet.

Haley competes primarily in Strongwoman where she is currently the 8th World’s Strongest Woman. Haley is known to jump into powerlifting meets for fun in her off-season. Haley has pulled 600×3 in training and is looking to smash the All-Time Raw Deadlift World Record in Powerlifting of 622 lbs. in 2020.

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“Becoming” explores Haley Randall’s entire journey, from beginner recreational lifter to elite powerliftier to one of the best deadlifters on the entire planet. It demonstrates how her mindset, training, and attitude were in the beginning and the adjustments that she has had to make to these things along the way. The deadlift is truly a mental lift, and this book places a large focus on how to get your mental game on point so that your body can follow, and you can take your deadlift to places you had never imagined possible.

On top of this, with the help of her coach, Haley has made parts of this book extremely practical. It includes a very technical chapter on the evolution of her deadlift training, including tons of tips that you can easily implement into your own training. It also includes 4 months of Haley’s own training log with explanations which has been described by on reader as “a glimpse into the mind of a legend”.



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