Mastering Strongman – A training guide for 40+ strongman athletes

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A training guide for 40+ strongman athletes

By Mike Lohman and Ken McClelland
As young athletes, we all felt invincible and capable of overcoming any physical challenge. As we age, though, the need to train smarter becomes increasingly important. In this must-read book about strongman training, Mike Lohman and Ken McClelland (a two-time world champion and four-time national champion) discuss how masters strongman athletes can structure a training plan and prioritize their recovery to stay healthy and remain active in the sport for many years.

This guide offers invaluable insight and advice regarding the required mindset to be successful in strongman, the importance of proper warm-ups, finding a coach, setting goals for training and competitions, and how to be strategic on the day of a contest.

With more than three decades of combined experience as strongman athletes and coaches, Mike and Ken present their knowledge in a straightforward, common-sense manner that’s appropriate for new and experienced strongman athletes.

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Author Bios

Mike Lohman is a former college football player, NASM-certified personal trainer and strength coach, founder of Warpath Strength, co-host of The Average Joe Strongman Show podcast, and State Representative for United States Strongman in Illinois. He is semi-retired from competing but continues promoting contests and coaching several successful strongman athletes, including three national champions.

Ken McClelland is a two-time Masters World Champion and four-time national champion strongman competitor. He is a lifelong athlete who enjoyed success in football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and strongman. For twenty years, he owned The Anvil Gym in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He now coaches some of the best male and female strongman athletes from around the U.S., including three national champions.


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