2024 USS Nationals Program

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Welcome to the second USS NATS PREP PROGRAM by Stronger Together. This is our second year doing this. Since last time we have grown immensely with even more TOP COACHING TALENT



 Cody Abell

Grew up in Southern Virginia off the Appalachian Trail. Cody began his career as a Professional Tattooer in 2008 Reclaiming his health and wellness in 2011 after suffering High Blood Pressure, Ulcers and being Overweight. Shifting focus to CrossFit and the competitive pathway was opened! Competing in his first Strong- man contest in October 2016. Cody has since competed at the highest level in Lightweight Strongman. 2 Time National Podium Finisher, Arnold Classic Podium Finisher, 4 Time Worlds/OSG Athlete, Multiple State Titles. Cody has since launched the Premiere Strongman Affiliate Program “Stronger-Together” for Year-Round Strongman Training.

 Andrew Hanus

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Andrew Hanus has 11-years of experience as a Strongman competitor. Moving around the country his life and career as an Explosives Detection K9 Handler for the USAF, he has had the opportunity to grow and learn more about the sport and cultures across the Nation. He has competed in 33 contests, has 27 podium finishes, and 15 first places. With those, two are world titles as an u80kg and a u90kg competitor, one National championship and so much more! He has been trained in many athletic domains such as personal training, indoor cycle, CrossFit, and more. He is a diverse athlete that finds joy in the culture and community Strongman provides and is always looking to build the sport for future generations.

 Ross Remillard

Ross Remillard is a coach and nutritionist for Stronger Together, he is also a Top 10 OSG/Worlds Athlete, Clash Pro Athlete, Nationals Podium Finisher and Arnold Qualified Athlete.

Together the three of us have competed head-to-head from the local to the world level. Always in support of one another and our fellow peers. It is through our shared experiences in sport and life that we felt that we could give so much more back to this community. Hence, under Stronger Together we promise to make sure that athletes of all levels are able to step into the sport as a legitimate contender.

Sold By: Cody Abell



Everyone on the Stronger Together team has been to Nationals multiple times and podiumed multiple times. We more than anyone understand the demand of the contest and the weeks leading up to it.

We’re challenging you to take the path less traveled. But you’re not alone.

We are truly, Stronger-Together.


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