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If there’s any one area of the body that tends to take an absolute beating instrength sports, it’s the shoulders. Not only do they get abused for all pressing work across strongman, powerlifting, or weightlifting, but they are involved in almost all strongman event – needing to stabilise and hold potentially hundreds of kilos for the farmers walk, reach and squeezing for atlas stones and also having to get into extreme externally rotated positions while doing a yoke walk to name a few. To help keep everything healthy and moving optimally, this 18 page booklet was prepared by head coach Drew Spriggs and Accredited Exercise Physiologist Tom Haynes from Valhalla Strength – South Brisbane.


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  • basic theory about the shoulder girdle and how it moves
  • illustrated instructions covering general warm-up, release, mobilisation, activation and patterning work
  • practical suggestions of how to incorporate it with your current programming


  1. Chad Griffin (verified owner)

    After mainly powerlifting for the last 8 months, I had no shoulder mobility and lots of tension and discomfort doing any kind of overhead or benching moves. Bought this book and after 2 weeks of doing these simple exercises and stretches, I have zero discomfort on all my movements, I’m about an inch away from fully grasping the bar in front squats and my strength and power is 10 fold and going up. Highly highly recommend this book. It’s super easy to read, understand and apply to daily lifting routine.

  2. John Wright (verified owner)

    Have been doing this daily for 2 weeks on the recommendation of my coach and it has done wonders for my thoracic spine mobility and recovery from gym sessions. Highly recommend!

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