Cube Method For Strongman 3


The third and final edition of the revolutionary Cube Method for Strongman is here! This new book takes the principles of the first two programs to another level and creates an absolutely complete program!

Sold By: Josh Thigpen


Included in Cube for Strongman 3 is
4 new Programs for Cube Method for Strongman!
Brand new Conditioning protocols to ensure you never gas out in strongman
Increased overhead training.
New deload method
Inside Tips and demonstrations on Josh Thigpen’s favorite assistance work
Nutrition section with a key nutrition/supplement tip and strongman meal plan!
Thoughts on training frequency
Cube 1 and 2 summary/refresher
Cube psychology included again
Get the Cube Method for Strongman 3 now and become a complete strongman machine!

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Cube Method 1, Cube Method 2, Cube Method 3, Cube Method 1, 2 & 3, Cube CYBORG Program, Cube PRIME


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