Programming for the Unbreakable Strongman

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Programming for the Unbreakable Strongman is an eBook follow up to the  original Unbreakable Strongman providing additional 3-,4-, and 5-day training templates, as well as Deadlift and Pressing-specific 16-week strength programs.

Sold By: Dain Wallis


This Book Contains:

  • Programming Templates for Commercial Gym athletes, Strongman Gym athletes, and those who split time between various training facilities.
  • Exercise lists and selection guidelines
  • 3-day, 4-day and 5-day weekly training templates
  • 16-week Deadlift Programming
  • 16-week Pressing Programming (along with complementary Pyramid Programming recommendations for optimizing 1-RM lifts)

About the Author:


Dain Wallis is now a full-time Coach with over a decade of experience in the sport of Strongman. A former athlete (5-time World Championship competitor and 2-time Canadian Champion), Dain understands what it takes to be a top-level competitor, and pulls from this experience to complement his education and coaching acumen. With a BA in Physical & Health Education from Queens, Dain went on to establish Canada’s Nutrition Coach and join ranks with Move Daily. He coaches clients of all levels across the world, from those just starting out to those competing in the Arnold Amateur World Championships and Official Strongman Games World Championships.


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Programming For The Unbreakable Strongman, Programming For The Unbreakable Strongman + Mobility, 3 book bundle! Best Value, Mobility For The Unbreakable Strongman

1 review for Programming for the Unbreakable Strongman

  1. Laurie

    I loved this book, it is so much more than just a programming template, it feels like it is revealing all the secrets of the strongman universe.

    It goes into sets and reps, rest times, tempo, selecting complementary exercises and accessories, deloads, RPE, selecting working weights, how many days per week to train, as well as general guidelines for strength training.

    For those looking for a template it also includes a 16 week deadlift program and a 16 week overhead program, as well as templates for 3 or 4 day programs that you can tailor to your own programming needs.

    The information is clear and easy to understand, and highly valuable to anyone looking for a better understanding of how to effectively train for strongman competitions.

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