Cube Method For Strongman 3

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The third and final edition of the revolutionary Cube Method for Strongman is here! This new book takes the principles of the first two programs to another level and creates an absolutely complete program!

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Product Description

  • Included in Cube for Strongman 3 is
  • 4 new Programs for Cube Method for Strongman!
  • Brand new Conditioning protocols to ensure you never gas out in strongman
  • Increased overhead training.
  • New deload method
  • Inside Tips and demonstrations on Josh Thigpen’s favorite assistance work
  • Nutrition section with a key nutrition/supplement tip and strongman meal plan!
  • Thoughts on training frequency
  • Cube 1 and 2 summary/refresher
  • Cube psychology included again
Get the Cube Method for Strongman 3 now and become a complete strongman machine!
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Cube Method For Strongman 3, Cube Method For Strongman volumes 1, 2 &3

3 reviews for Cube Method For Strongman 3

  1. 5 out of 5


    Cube Method 3 Review

    Who this book is for:
    – Any person who trains strongman! (duh)
    – Any lifter who has had previous training in the gym
    – Anyone who is currently in a rut with their current training and can’t seem to progress
    – Someone who wants professional insight from a guy who’s been there.
    – Creative individuals who can take the methods presented in this book and adapt it to their training.

    Who it’s not for:
    – Inexperienced lifters. (No prior experience in the gym. Ever.)
    – Anyone who needs their hand held.

    So, with the above stated I’m going to assume you fall into the first category. With the Cube Method 3 you can expect to find a refresher of both Cube 1 and Cube 2. If you have those books, that’s great. They can complement this version well. If you don’t have the previous versions you don’t have to sweat too much, unless you really like collecting things. But with Cube 3 you can expect any gaps to be filled.

    So, there are 2 major changes with Cube 3 and I love them. The first change is that Overhead is given the attention it deserves. The author makes a convincing case on why it’s so important, as it’s a key component in almost every Strongman contest. Simply put, you can expect to see more overhead training. Personally, this got me excited. I love training overhead, so having more throughout the week really appeals to me.

    The second major change is the sheer amount of content as far as programming. With Cube 2 we had two versions of the program. The regular training cycle, and an edited version for those able to train three times per week. With Cube 3 you’re not only given a refresher on the first 2 versions. But you’re given four, FOUR separate programs! I’m excited about this because it can add a new dynamic to my training routine. If you like to keep yourself on your toes with training, then you have plenty of options when it comes to Cube 3.

    This book also gives guidance with conditioning exercises, which I believe is something that the sport of Strongman could do with more of. There are examples given, so when it’s addressed in the program you’re able to pick what you want to do that day. It will keep your training fresh and flexible. You will also find useful examples of assistance work that the author finds valuable for strongman training. These examples come with pictures for reference.

    Overall, I’m very happy with the newest edition of the Cube Method. It’s really well written and elaborates more on the smaller details that end up playing a large role in training. I feel that if you’ve read Cube 2 that it fills in any gaps left in that edition. Assistance work is given more attention and so is how to go about alternating your event days. In the beginning, I mentioned that this book will jive well with creative folks, and I stand by that. In strongman, events can change on a whim. Implements will almost never be the same as the ones you train with, and Murphy’s Law is always present. So you have to be ready for anything. In order to do that you have to be creative and ready to adapt. If you can take those two principles then the structure and concept of Cube 3 will be perfect for you. Take the guidance provided, be creative when inserting different movements, and have fun!

  2. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have read and used Cube 2 and have read 3. I think it is still the best book there is for strongman. Some people complain about the editing not being professional, yes I agree that Josh Tighpen is not Danielle Steel and editing can still be improved also in Cube 3. But for sure it’s better than Cube 2 and it is very readable (and Danielle Steel probably can’t deadlift what Josh can).
    You should not expect to be shocked on the changes in the program, as Josh says in the book; these programs are alternatives on the other Cube programs. I will definitely try to use these alternatives although I already had very good results with Cube 2. Cube 3 proposes to increase shoulders to twice a week, of which one of these trainings is just one exercise during leg day and the other a full shoulder/triceps program like in Cube 2.
    So buy cube 3 if:
    -You like some more explanation on the Cube method for strongman
    -You want some alternative programs with more shoulder per week
    -You like some extra diet plan
    -You just like to read about strongman

    You are probably spending hours per week on training, so even if you take only one small thing from the book that works for you Cube 3 is worth your time and money in my opinion.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This seems to be a very good and well-rounded strongman program, looking to run a couple cycles of it next week, maxing out this week beforehand. I have a question for whoever knows:

    Is every “overhead” (speed, power, repetition) in Cube 3.0 just a strict overhead press? Or are they “anything it takes to get it up” like in competitions? i.e. push press or jerk included

    Seems odd to have strict without the push press or anything like that.


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