Starting Strongman Training Templates

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$15.00 / 4 weeks$150.00 / year

The sport of Strongman is difficult to train for. Let us help you progress utilizing our teams years of experience to help you get bigger, stronger, faster and better prepared for your next competition.

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  • Weekly programming designed by our team of experienced coaches
  • Workouts are delivered through an app straight to your phone no printing out spreadsheets!
  • 15 page step by step guide on proper technique for most Strongman events
  • Designed for Novice & Intermediate Lifters
  • Access to our forum to answer all your questions pertaining to the program
  • FAQ Including our Strongman Exercise Index Video Library
  • Templates are a subscription service but can be canceled at anytime.
  • Our month to month plan is on a 4 week recurring basis
  • Guidelines to train for Strongman without implements’

Sample Week of programing 

Day 1

  1. Overheard press clean once 5×8 @ 60-70%
    2a. Pull ups 3×8 OR Lat Pulldowns 3×12
    2b. Face Pulls 3×15
  2. Z press 2×8
  3. 3 way shoulder raises 3×10

BONUS Cash Out
Barbell curls 1xamrap with an empty bar


Day 2


1.Front Squat Paused 3 count 55/65/75%x5
2.Moving Event: 80% 3x50ft
3.Barbell lunges (walking if possible) 3×12 each leg
4.Backwards sled drags 3 sets max distance in 30 seconds
5.Planks 3×60 seconds


Day 3


  1. Standing strict press 3×12 (If your low back needs more recovery do seated them seated)
  2. Close grip bench 50/60/70×8/8/amrap
    3a. Incline db Bench 3×15
    3b. Incline db row 3×15
    4.Dicks press 3×6
    5a..Hammer curls 3×12-15
    5b.Band pull aparts 3×20


Day 4

1.Deadlifts 15×1 @ 60%
2.Deadlifts off 4″ blocks (elevated) 60% 2×15
Short rest quick singles… Time how long it takes to pull all 15. (Axle)
3..Stone trainer 3×8 OR Stiff Leg deadlifts 3×8
4.carry event 2 implements 25ft for 3 runs
5.Ab roll outs 3×12


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8 reviews for Starting Strongman Training Templates

  1. Steve

    In my opinion, these templates are easily the best way to get into Strongman training (short of getting individual programming).
    They give you a good appreciation for how to structure the week and what appropriate training volumes & intensity are for Strongman.
    And there is a support forum for the templates if you’ve got any questions about them, different equipment / exercises etc.

  2. Jay Woodhouse

    I really enjoy having these Strongman Training Templates! They take a lot of guesswork and thinking out of your daily training and they are really great workouts! If you have a contest coming up, you have to do some adjusting on your own or get their online coaching. But for a wide variety of training with strongman implements and general strength and conditioning principles, these are really great! I would recommend these to anyone looking to start or continue their strongman training!

  3. Ben Gallaher

    These templates are great. Takes all the guesswork out of programming with simple easy to understand instructions. Definitely recommend for beginner to intermediate trainees. πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. John Wright

    These templates are great, simple to follow and affordable. I’ve used them as is, incorporated them into other programming and would recommended them to others who need guidance but aren’t able to afford a coach immediately.

  5. Cody “the sunflower” Dickmann (verified owner)

    Great templates! So much easier than self programming, plus the price is quite the deal! I’m definitely gonna keep using these templates because of the gainzzzz!!!

  6. David M (verified owner)

    Outstanding value and something that is definitely needed in the strongman training space! If you want strongman-oriented programming that isn’t just a 12-week spreadsheet, this is it. It’s the perfect option if you’re not ready to spend the money for individual programming or coaching.

  7. Seth Brown (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good things about these templates.
    I had an entire years worth of template training and I loved it.
    The value here is incredible. The app used is easy to follow and great for tracking your progress.
    I competed for the first time in a strongman comp and placed, using these templates . A deadlift pr and overhead pr were obtained during my training as well.
    The training is fun and varied and WORKS!

  8. Ben F (verified owner)

    Extremely good templates if you’re looking to get into training strongman. Only reason I stopped was because I got a personal coach. Highly recommend getting these.

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